Animal Allergy & Dermatology Center of Central TX

2207 Lake Austin Boulevard
Austin, TX 78703


As in humans, allergies make life miserable for animals and affect their overall health.  Chronic ear disease and the presence of ectoparasites diminish your pet's overall well-being.  Some dermatological disorders, such as immune-mediated skin diseases, autoimmune skin diseases, hormone related skin diseases, and skin cancers, may even threaten the life of your canine or feline best friend.  Dr. Nichols' expertise will enable you to discover the root of your pet's problem and select the best treatment strategy with the most advanced diagnostic testing and dermatological procedures available.

Our expertise compliments the general services provided by your primary care veterinarian.  We work hand-in-hand with them, sending detailed reports to keep them informed of the specifics of the diagnostic and treatment plan established by Dr. Nichols.

Your best friend will receive the highest quality care and attention in a comfortable and welcoming environment.  Our 1929 bungalow provides a home-like setting, so our patients perceive they are walking into someone's home instead of an intimidating veterinary hospital.  This atmosphere compliments our clinic goal of everyone feeling like they are part of our family.

With a foundation of exceptional service and almost twenty years specifically in the field of veterinary allergy and dermatology, Dr. Nichols and our team will work diligently to identify the cause of your pet's medical condition and provide treatment to achieve the maximum comfort for your pet and peace of mind for you.