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Posted By :    Marsha Stringfellow  (
Posted :    4/17/2014
Comments :    Tootsie and I saw Dr. Nichols yesterday for her 2nd year checkup. Tootsie see's him once a year now for her checkup during her injection maintenance. She has gained 2 pounds now since going to Dr. Nichols. She was so ill. I felt I would loose her that year turned out she is allergic to everything under the Sun. She eats rabbit and sweet potato still. What a wonderful pet she is and to see the drastic change in her life since going to Dr. Nichols I can never begin to thank him. She runs, plays, eats, her fur is gorgeous, no more taking fur off her feet, haven't been to a vet for illness since going to Dr. Nichols. I had not realized how much medicine I was giving her from Vets here trying to subdue the itching, biting, ear infections, was unreal. Now nothing but her injections, yearly shots. Amazing is all I can say and I feel I will get to enjoy her for many years to come now due to Dr. Nichols. If I see people with their animals now showing that their pets are in misery I tell them about Dr. Nichols. Many don't know the allergies that hit central Texas also hit our pets. Follow Dr. Nichols directions to the letter and I assure you that you will have a better pet than you had before you went. I have even overcome my fear of needles to give her injections since I live in Georgetown about an hour away in the traffic to be there weekly. Thank you Dr. Nichols for giving me my lovely Tootsie. I do believe she would not be here if I had not been referred to you when she was at her worst. It seems many years ago now.
Posted By :    karyn s
Posted :    10/1/2013
Comments :    10yrs ago i was referred to dr. Nichols from San Antonio for my german shepherd named Duncan. It turned out Duncan was allergic to everything under the sun. Dr. Nichols and his staff were awesome. His first visit for allergy testing we drove to Austin. Dr. Nichols and his staffed referred us to some restaurants in case we did not want to stay. But we opted to stay while they did the testing. Once the testing was done Dr. Nichols came out smiling and said Duncan was his best test subject. He was well behaved and allergic to everything they tested. He and his staff went over the shot schedules, how to give the shots (we had to inject saline into an orange it was cool),and sent us home with supplies. Duncan followed up twice a year either in San Antonio or Austin (he loved the car rides to Austin because it ment a visit to McDonalds for chicken nuggets after his check-up). Duncan was a pt with AADC unitl his death in 2009 he was 15yrs old. I would recommend Dr. Nichols to anyone, we had an awesome experience for 6yrs.
Posted By :    Marsha Stringfellow  (
Posted :    9/29/2012
Comments :    We where referred to Dr. Nichols from a specialist in Round Rock. My Westie had knee replacement but she was very ill and had skin problems that we could not cure. He suggested Dr. Nichols. Now my Vet is telling me she needs to loose weight she is so healthy, she has gained 1 1/2 pounds since her surgery. She is on allergy shot maintenance two shots a week. The difference in her is night and day and we had no idea how sick she was until she started her maintenance shots...amazing is the only word I can come up with. His care and kindness shown to my family and my Westie made such a difference in her care and recovery. We will never be able to thank Dr. Nichols for his care in seeing we found answers for Tootsie. In 6 months she is a totally different dog.
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